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One universal membership offers you full access to the AlphaState Peak Performance Training Centre. Join classes or do the daily workout on your own. Access workouts daily on our social media accounts along with the rationale and the Coach’s tip.


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We live in a hyper-stimulated society. It’s hard. It’s fast. It’s always switched on. Life demands a lot from you. You demand even more from yourself. Performance is valued above all. But how can you sustain it without burning out? 

The AlphaState Fitness System is built on the pillars of Body, Mind and Purpose. We incorporate compound-strength training, steady-state aerobic fitness and high intensity interval training in a long-term periodisation that is geared towards sustained results in peak physical and mental performance. We have tested it. We believe in it. Along with guidance on optimal nutrition, breathing and mental gymnastics, this training programme promises to offer you sustained results in weight loss, body recomposition as well as general physical and mental fitness.

This is the system you have been looking for. Let’s step onto the ledge together and dive into the Blue.



Knowledge Base


What is AlphaState Fitness?

AlphaState Fitness is the fitness arm of AlphaState Optimal, a wellness group that produces tools and strategies geared towards physical and mental fitness. Fitness is one vehicle through which optimal living can be achieved. We have consolidated more than a decade’s worth of experience in functional fitness to develop a fitness offering that comprises the tools to build and sustain peak performance. Peak physical and mental fitness is a mindset. For us, Mindset is Everything.

Where is the AlphaState Fitness Centre Located?

The AlphaState Training Centre is located in Technopark, Stellenbosch. Our gym is on the top floor of a centrally located building offering a 360 degree view of the Cape Winelands. Find our address on our Contact Page.

Do I need to be fit to join your exercise classes?

The AlphaState Fitness system is completely scalable. All people are welcome to join our classes or train in the gym. If you are new, we advise that you first get cleared by a doctor to engage in fitness. We also offer advise and guidance and urge you to first join a few classes before going it alone.

Do you offer personal training?

Currently we offer an exclusive amount of personal training classes. Please contact us for further information.

What kind of fitness classes do you offer?

We offer group-based classes that focus on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. We focus on scientific principles of periodisation to take you on a holistic fitness journey with the purpose of transforming you into a well-rounded, physically and mentally fit human that can enjoy life at its peak.

Not interested in classes?

The workout for the day is made available to all members on a white board in the gym. You can therefore join a class or train on your own. You will, however, have access to a complete programme that is built to sustain results over the long term. We make use of our social media platforms to offer guidance to members. We post the workout of the day, a coach’s tip and the movement standards on Instagram so you have an easy-access-platform to ask questions and access workouts anywhere you are.

What equipment do you offer in your gym?

AlphaState Fitness offers a complete range of high-quality functional fitness equipment. Our gym in Stellenbosch is therefore kitted out with weightlifting equipment and accessories as well as air bikes, indoor rowers, skiergs and pulley systems.

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